Aye dios mio: My Mexican adventure, days 3, 4, & 5

Something I forgot to tell you in my previous post: My family speaks very little Spanish. We know a few basics: grandeholagracias, locoCinco de Mayo, and Suzi learned to say “Please stand clear of the doors” in Spanish from the Monorail at Disney. Beyond that, we’re pretty useless. I took French throughout high school, but I picked up a few phrases from some of my Hispanic friends. One of my favorites is aye dios mio! (oh my god!). We tried (unsuccessfully) to teach my Dad this the entire vacation.

scarlett & I on the Catamaya

On Friday, we went on a snorkeling excursion on a catamaran called Catamaya.

catamaya snorkeling

Honestly, we didn’t see any better fish than we’d seen at the reefs outside of our hotel. It was also very crowded, and hard to swim around other snorkelers. We were constantly getting flippered in the face. Aye dios mio!

flying on the Catamaya

On the way back to shore, Scarlett and I enjoyed re-enacting the famous “flying” scene from Titanic, albeit on our bellies.

We took another chill-out day on Saturday, hanging around the hotel and swimming in the pool.

Father's Day dinner

Sunday was Father’s Day, so we surprised our Dad/Grampy with gifts at breakfast, and told him we would pay for a fancy dinner at the Japanese restaurant that night (the resort is all-inclusive).

Before dinner, we ventured out to the Dos Ojos (“two eyes”) cenotes, underwater cave snorkeling. This was a lot of fun and really creepy at the same time, especially because my Dad was trying to take us off the course, making us squeeze into small openings between stalagmites. Aye dios mio!

dos ojos cenote

I couldn’t get comfortable in my flippers, either. They were either too tight, squeezing my ankles, or they were too loose and felt like they were going to fall off.

dos ojos cenote snorkeling

And here’s a creepy/awesome photo of Scarlett underwater in the cenotes:

Scarlett cenote snorkeling



  1. Tom   •  

    Looks like fun! I keep trying to talk my boyfriend into going to Mexico, but he’s always got something coming up…oh, well.
    Way off topic..did you ever get to see any Boardwalk Empire episodes?

  2. Suzi   •  

    wooohooo Mexico!

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