Viva la Mexico!: My Mexican adventure, days 1 & 2

Hola amigos! I am back home and ready to share my Mexican trip with you :)

airplane view

My amazing Dad took Suzi, Scarlett, and I on a 7-day getaway to the Mayan Riviera. We will likely never again see such beautiful beaches.

first passport stamp!

Check it out – my first-ever passport stamp!

Gran Bahia Principe

We stayed at the all-inclusive Gran Bahia Principe resort in Akumal. We arrived at the hotel around 2:30, already exhausted from traveling. We were given bracelets at check-in to designate that we could eat at any of the buffets. It’s a good thing my Dad was paying attention, or I would have been stuck with the children’s bracelet that they strapped on me, assuming I was under 21!

Gran Bahia Principe lobby

After unloading our luggage into our rooms, we quickly donned our swimsuits and checked out the pool situation. We made good use of the swim-up bar ;)

swim up bar!

… We did a lot of swimming, which Suzi captured on her brand-new underwater camera. (Oh, and you might recognize my bathing suit from this.)

hooray for swimming

We spent the rest of Wednesday hanging around the hotel and getting acclimated as much as we could – it was pretty darn hot and humid.


Thursday, we ventured into another section of the resort called the Hacienda Doña Isabel, which hosts an outdoor market. I snapped this photo of Suzi and Scarlett when they weren’t looking:

like mother like daughter

Like mother like daughter, right? Too cute.

I have many photos from the trip and I don’t want to overload you with them all at once, so look for more later this week! :)



  1. David Jensen   •  

    Hi Sami,

    Great pics. Looks like you all had a fantastic time in Mexico.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Miss and love ya,
    Uncle Dave

  2. Suzi   •  

    hahahaha that picture is hilarious! (of Scarlett and me)

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