Friday Faves: My Alt for Everyone (happy birthday) goodie box


Today is my birthday!! I woke up this morning to a voicemail left by my Dad, singing Happy Birthday to me. Best Dad ever! :) I will officially be 26 at 5:21pm. So, when my Alt For Everyone goodie box came in the mail a few days ago, it felt like a birthday present:

Alt For Everyone goodie box contents poor and pretty

It was chock full of fun little things! Let’s have a closer look…

Alt For Everyone goodie box BlueQ poor and pretty

BlueQ packed a bunch of nifty things inside of their Cameras pencil case: the Chief Financial Officer coin purse, “Raisin Cookies” fruit gum, “Pee a Little” wet wipes (which remind me of Suzi, but she’d kill me if I told you why), and — my personal favorite — The Monster That Ate The Stars mini book. Hearing Stan read it out loud was downright hilarious. I wish he had let me record it!

Alt For Everyone goodie box Lingering Daydreams poor and pretty

These cute little cupcake flags from Lingering Daydreams would look spectacular on my birthday cupcakes… ;)

Alt For Everyone goodie box Bing poor and pretty

Alt Summit sponsor Bing included this mason jar mug filled with jellybean-esque cherry candies. #thanksbing!

Alt For Everyone goodie box Childhoodlist poor and pretty

Those letter blocks? They’re crayons! The Childhood List handcrafts them with bee and soy waxes, so they are non-toxic and safe for the environment. So fun! I love the little hand painted pouch they came in, too.

Alt For Everyone goodie box Zelma Rose poor and pretty

This pretty fabric pendant necklace was handmade by Zelma Rose in Northern California. She also included a button that says “I have love in my heart for you” ~ aww. ♥

Alt For Everyone goodie box Ivory + Ash poor and pretty

I make my own lip balm, so I’m pretty picky about wearing other brands, but I love this one from Ivory + Ash. It’s organic, and made with apricot oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and flavored with sweet orange essential oil. It reminds me of an orange Starburst (it may surprise you to know that the orange one — not the pink! — is my favorite!).

Alt For Everyone goodie box Pixel Impress poor and pretty

And last, but definitely not least, is this pretty set of “hello” notecards and envelopes from PixelImpress. I think I will send a few notes to friends with these.

I’m off to enjoy by birthday by packing & making products for my rapidly approaching debut at the SoWa Market in Boston!

Birthday poster via kate spade new york.



  1. Rachel   •  

    I’m incredibly jealous of that gift box. i want that necklace- seriously- and it’s $40 online. That shits a sweet deal. lol. agh! and the cupcake flags. love them!

  2. Stan   •  

    That necklace is even cooler in person.

    Happy birthday my Sami! :)

  3. Loraine   •  

    Happy Birthday! You deserve that and more! Your products are wonderful and so are you.

  4. Kristine Vicente   •  

    Happy Birthday Sami!! Wishing you the best birthday ever and more happiness this year than your heart can hold… P.S. LOVED the goodie box, I was so impressed and tickled when mine came too!

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