Friday Faves: Great Gatsby-inspired looks from ModCloth

If you’ve been reading me for a year, you’ll know I love the 1920’s era. Not only did I host a nifty 1920’s murder mystery party for my birthday last year, I re-wore my dress for a Great Gatsby-themed party I attended at the BazaarVoice Summit this year. Naturally, I am very, very excited about Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby. He’s a genius filmmaker ~ I can’t wait to see it! To hold myself over, I’ve been fawning over ModCloth’s collection of flapper-inspired dresses and jewelry. Here are some of my faves:

Great Gatsby ModCloth look 1 - Black & Gold

This simpler Black & Gold look was inspired by the ornate black and gold background used in the movie promo posters of the Great Gatsby remake. It features the Esteemed Soloist Dress, Bow’n Places Heel in White {how adorable are these??}, Good as Nouveau Bracelet, and the Drops of Enchantment Earrings.

Great Gatsby ModCloth look 2 - Pop of Color

If you like a little more color in your flapperware, go with the pink Fete Noticed Dress or the minty East Robin’s Egg Dress. Pair them with the classy Best of Time Heels in Noir and the Joy and Merri-mint flats. I also love the Feather Your Cap Headband and Verdant It Be Lovely? Earrings.

You can check out my full sets on Polyvore.

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  1. Tom   •  

    Hey, since you like the Roaring 20’s, do you watch Boardwalk Empire? Just wondering. P.S…like your choice in music!

  2. Sami   •     Author

    Tom ~ I don’t, but I should! I don’t have HBO (or cable at all, for that matter!) so I’m usually a bit behind on shows. I’m going to have to see if I can camp out at my sister’s house and watch Boardwalk Empire now. ;)

  3. Tom   •  

    Cool. Do you read Henry Miller and Anais Nin? I`m writing an erotic novel set in the Roaring 20`s. Hopefully I`ll be finished with it soon…

  4. Sisi   •  

    What a cool set. It looks like you are big fan of Modcloth!!

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