Be Social: Cinco de Mayo in Somerville

New Year’s Resolution check-in: I haven’t been doing very well with my “Be Organized” resolution, but I have been much more positive, social, and loving. Case in point: A few weeks ago, I reached out to two friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year {possibly longer!} with a loose plan for Cinco de Mayo weekend. My friend Jordan and I would drive up to Somerville, MA to see our friend Beata. I’m happy to report that we had lots of fun, even though we didn’t eat nearly as many tacos as I had hoped ;)

Flatbread pizza & bowling Somerville MA

After arriving in Somerville around 7pm, Beata presented Jordan and I with two options for the evening: grabbing dinner quickly and following it up with swing dancing, or dining at Flatbread {with possible bowling} and watching Magic Mike after dinner. Swing dancing was tempting, but Jordan and I were wiped out, so we went with Flatbread and Magic Mike. We arrived too late to bowl at Flatbread, but the pizza more than made up for it! We sat right next to the brick oven and the wood-chopping station. Yes, wood-chopping station. Awesome. Magic Mike? It was okay, but I’m not sure I’d watch it again. I enjoyed the Joseph Gordon-Levitt version more.

Modeling in front of Powder House Square

Saturday, Beata made us this incredible baked French Toast for breakfast before we headed out for the Open Studios tour. For 15 years, artists in Somerville have opened up their homes and studios so that residents and tourists can chat with local artists while browsing their finished and unfinished works and workplaces. I had no idea Beata was living near so many talented artists! We posed for photos in front of the Powder House {above} before stopping at our first artists’ home, the Museum of Modern Renaissance:

Museum of Modern Renaissance Somerville MA

Jordan commented that the artwork on the outside of the house {which used to be a church} reminded her of Sublime album covers. We didn’t want to be rude, so we didn’t photograph the insides of any of the homes, but they were truly incredible. The one above had these gorgeous paintings on the ceilings of the old worship room {is there a term for it?} — mythological creatures and people… you can see a photo on their Open Studios profile.

Open Studios Somerville MA

We also peeked in the studio of Rivkah Lapidus — typically a figure drawer, Rivkah’s current project entails scanning vintage photonegatives and altering them by hand and with digital media.

After visiting a few more homes, we headed to Beata’s boyfriend’s apartment for a Cinco de Mayo cookout. We didn’t have tacos, but I did make a bitchin’ bowl of guacamole!

Daughter at The Sinclair Cambridge MA May 2013

Later that night, we saw Daughter at The Sinclair in Cambridge, which inspired me to write this week’s Monday Morning Music.

Nutella almond banana crepe - Mr. Crepe

We had another delicious breakfast Sunday morning at Mr. Crêpe, which made me keep thinking of the whole “Mr. F” thing in Arrested Development {which is coming back on May 26th as a Netflix series!! It’s like a birthday present to me!}. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, please watch Arrested Development immediately! Back to the crêpes: I now want to make these all the time. Mine had Nutella, toasted almond slivers, and banana slices. There was a little too much Nutella to my liking, but otherwise it was wonderful!

After crêpes, we drove to Boston to check out the SOWA Open Market {which I will be vending in this summer!}, but couldn’t find parking. So we met another high school friend, Dan, for lunch {I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of this!}, then Jordan and I headed back to Connecticut. It was a very busy, but very fun and social weekend!


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