Inspiration: Cameron Herold’s TED Talk

I’ve got to be honest: this extended winter we’re having in Connecticut is totally cramping my creativity. I’ve got cabin fever bad, I swear my neatly folded shorts are mocking me. So yesterday, I got desperate and turned to one of my favorite sources of inspiration: TED Talks! I especially love Cameron Herold’s talk, Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs.

Cameron Herold TED Talk_entrepreneurs

Though at first he seems to ramble and you may have trouble keeping up, Cameron’s talk has some really great ideas. In essence, his talk is about how we should nurture entrepreneurial talent in children just as we would scientific or athletic talent. I love how he fosters it in his own kids:

“…Allowance is breeding kids at a young age to expect a regular paycheck. That’s wrong, for me, if you want to raise entrepreneurs. What I do with my kids now — I’ve got two, nine and seven — is I teach them to walk around the house and the yard, looking for stuff that needs to get done. Come to me and tell me what it is. Or I’ll come to them and say, “Here’s what I need done.” And then you know what we do? We negotiate. They go around looking for what it is. But then we negotiate on what they’re going to get paid. And then they don’t have a regular check, but they have more opportunities to find more stuff, and they learn the skill of negotiating, and they learn the skill of finding opportunities as well.”

Watch the whole talk:

What keeps you inspired?



  1. Suzi   •  

    I like that! I think I may have to start something like that for Scarlett! Interesting post!

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