Be Positive: Quotes by inspiring women

In continuing with my resolution to Be Positive, I wanted to share a few more of my favorite quotes. In honor of National Women’s History Month, I selected quotes by a handful of women who have worked to make the world a better place to live, and dared to go where they were told they couldn’t.

Maya Angelou

Creativity begets creativity! Quote via Ruche.

Carrie Bradshaw

I love the way this artist styled this Carrie Bradshaw/Sex and The City quote. And yeah, maybe Carrie Bradshaw isn’t a historical female figure {and maybe she spent far more on shoes than I ever would}, but her character said some pretty wise and brave things every now and then.

Amelia Earhart

I love this Amelia Earhart quote, and the way it’s styled on this poster from Peanutoak Prints.

Lilly Ledbetter

This styled quote by equal pay activist Lilly Ledbetter is from a fabulous article on, “Quotes that Make Us Proud We’re Women.”

Margaret Mead

Even if you’re feeling small, don’t forget you still have the power to change the world. This poster of a Margaret Mead {an American cultural anthropologist} quote was designed by the folks at ABDO. It’s big enough to print & hang on your wall, too! Get it here.

Dolly Parton

I listened to a lot of Dolly Parton growing up {my mom is a big country music fan}, and while I’m not a fan of the fact that she’s had plastic surgery, you can’t deny that Dolly is one fierce woman. She has done great philanthropic work in support of literacy, nature conservation, job creation, AIDS/HIV research, and more. And as the co-owner of Sandollar Productions, she helped produce Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anyone who knows me personally will know how much that means to me, ha! Someday, Suzi and I will go to Dollywood, right Sue? Quote via Ruche.

Eleanor Roosevelt

And of course, Eleanor Roosevelt, who may be one of the fiercest women of all, encourages us to be fearless. Quote styled by ModCloth.

What are some of your favorite quotes by leading ladies? See more of mine on Pinterest.



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