Wednesday Wishlist 3.13.13

Wed-Wishlist-3-13-13 Poor and Pretty


1. Refine Mint dress from ModCloth. Maybe a little bluer than mint usually is, but I love this dress because it’s simple without looking like every other A-line dress. The polka dots and brown skinny belt give it a bit of personality.

2. Betsey Johnson flower bracelet. I love Betsey Johnson for her over-the-top designs. Maybe this is borderline tacky, but I love it anyway. It would certainly add pizzazz to any outfit!

3. Alice & Peter Cupcake Perfume. It’s perfume in a cupcake bottle! Need I say more?

4. abstract signature bow small harmony handbag by kate spade new york. How cute is this bag? I love the playful bows in varying shades of blues and reds — it perfectly matches the ModCloth dress, too!

5. Emery flat in Bright Persimmon by J.Crew Factory. These bright & shiny flats tie the whole outfit together nicely, don’t you think?


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