DIY home decor: Easy cupcake stands

Happy March, friends! Did you know that, in addition to being Women’s History Month, March is also National Craft Month? In celebration, I’m starting the month out with a fun and crazy easy craft: making your own cupcake stands:

DIY Cupcake Stands - Poor & Pretty

I was inspired to make these after seeing them in The Golden Button. I stopped in for ornament painting and saw that Kate had my cupcake soaps displayed on these adorable little cupcake stands. I knew I had to make some for home and for my booth!

DIY Cupcake Stand supplies - Poor & Pretty

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a hot glue gun & glue stick
  • a saucer
  • a shot glass

Make sure the saucer and shot glass are clean before you begin!

DIY Cupcake Stand glue gun - Poor & Pretty

Put your hot glue on the bottom of the shot glass…

DIY Cupcake Stand glue shotglass - Poor & Pretty

And quickly adhere it to the bottom middle of the saucer:

DIY Cupcake Stand shotglass saucer - Poor & Pretty

With the plate face-down and the shot glass upwards, press down to make sure the two really stick.

DIY Cupcake Stand press - Poor & Pretty

The good thing about hot glue {which can also be a bad thing} is that you can easily pop it off if you mess up. So if you find that your shot glass isn’t exactly center, you can pull it apart from the saucer, peel off the hot glue {it should come off in one big piece}, and try again. Once you’re satisfied, it should look something like this:

DIY Cupcake Stand finished - Poor & Pretty

And yes, they may be cupcake stands, but they don’t have to be used solely for cupcakes {or cupcake soaps}.

DIY Cupcake Stand for jewelry - Poor & Pretty

Use them for jewelry or hair accessories!

DIY Cupcake Stand for treats - Poor & Pretty

Or even a cute candy dish! Or anything else you might want to display on a pedestal in your home.

I can’t wait to use these at my first event of the year: RAW:Generation next Thursday! Next Monday—Wednesday, I’ll be in Austin, TX for the BazaarVoice Summit. I’ve never been to Texas! Any good cupcake joints I should know about nearby?


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