Pick my Red Carpet Oscar Night dress!

Okay readers. My cousin is having a fancy Red Carpet Oscar Night party on Sunday, and I can’t choose between two dresses! Will you help?

Oscar red carpet choice 1 - pink flapper dress

Dress #1 – Hot pink flapper dress. You might remember it from my 1920’s Murder Mystery birthday last year. I was thinking I could do a Hollywood flashback, you know?

Oscar red carpet choice 1 - pink flapper dress details

I love all the sequins and fringe!

Oscar red carpet choice 2 - chocolate prom dress

Dress #2 – Chocolate lace prom gown. I wore this to my senior prom, and I’m happy to say it still fits! Actually, I think it fits even better than it did in 2005. The best part? I bought it at a Goodwill for less than $15.

Oscar red carpet choice 2 - chocolate prom dress details

The back detail is gorgeous — buttons, lace, velvet, and stitched swirls. Here I am wearing it for prom photos:

Prom dress 2005 - Poor & Pretty

So, what do you think? #1 or #2? Leave a comment with your dress choice below. Get your vote in by Saturday, February 23rd and on Sunday, I’ll wear the dress with the most votes!



  1. Charlotte   •  

    Definitely the chocolate gown!

  2. Stan   •  

    Definitely dress #2! :)

  3. Moni   •  

    Defo dress 1 – what with Gatsby and 1920’s on the runways – it’s an easy choice. Plus you have to stand out – it is the oscars!

  4. Fred   •  

    Go Hybrid. The prom dress with touches of the hot-pink. Plus, a cape of any sort to round it all out. Whatever you pick remember, it’s a school night and make sure your homework is done! Have a blast… :)

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