Inspired: Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising

one billion rising

To many of us, yesterday was simply Valentine’s Day, a holiday with unconfirmed origins, during which couples celebrate their love and single people declare it “Singles Awareness Day.” While we were donning our pinks and reds and making plans with our significant others or best girl friends, my sister Suzi and over a hundred local women and girls were busting a move at the Capitol Building in Hartford as a part of Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising movement:

This flashmob is the latest of gender equality activist Eve Ensler’s tactics to bring awareness to the inequality, suffering, and violence faced by women all over the world, sometimes in our own neighborhoods. As longtime fans and supporters of The Vagina Monologues and the VDay movement, Suzi and I admire Ensler for her Gandhian non-violent efforts and her ability to inspire men and women globally.

One Billion Rising sheds light on the statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime {source}. As there are over three billion women on the planet, that equates to approximately one billion women subjected to violence. One Billion Rising invites men and women to rise up and dance to bring awareness and call for political action. The power of the flashmob is that it is random and disruptive, breaking up “business as usual,” drawing attention, and getting people to ask why.

I’m so, so proud of  and inspired by my sister, and I hope to join in next year. Please share this story with your friends and call them to rise with you against gender inequality. Every person on this planet — man or woman, boy or girl — deserves to live a healthy, happy life, free of violence.


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  1. Suzi   •  

    Awwww thanks little sister, it was an amazing and touching sight to see and such an awesome event! And next year we will shake our groove thing together!

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