Manic Friday + Making Sugar Scrub on Better Connecticut!

Boy oh boy was yesterday a fun day for me! I started the day off by teaching Scot Haney and Melissa Cole how to make sugar scrub on Better Connecticut:


Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Then, I headed down to Make & Mingle in Westport, where I dropped off some of my Cupcake Soaps, Coco Body Balms, and Jars of Frosting. It’s such a wonderful little boutique + creative space, where fabulous owner Alexcia Patterson hosts all sorts of awesome DIY classes.

I stopped at home briefly to change into ripped jeans and an old hoodie, fully expecting to get paint all over myself at The Golden Button’s Drop-In Ornament painting. Gladly, I escaped with only a brush stroke on my left hand, and these three supercute ornaments!

The ever-crafty Krissy & Dennis of Kleiner Eisbär {and their adorable niece!} also popped in to decorate a few ornaments. They’re teaching a crash course on book binding today at sugarplum USA in Southington, at 3pm and 5pm.


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