Holiday Threads: Stars & sequins at the company party

This past weekend I went to my first-ever company holiday party. The theme was “silver & gold.” I had been told that attire would run the gamut of work casual skirt & blouse ensemble to full-on ball gown, so I decided to go somewhere in the middle, with the Your Lucky Stars dress from ModCloth.

I’ve been eyeing this dress for some time, so I was beyond ecstatic to have a reason to buy it, and even happier that it fit me so perfectly! As my co-worker’s wife commented, I had the silver thing down pretty well, from my silver ric-rac headband down to the silvery fake gems in my flats. I added a bit more gold by painting my fingernails with a gold glitter polish.

From the bottom up: Studded Flats: Rampage, Peonies Couture, $15. Tights for Every Occasion in Ivory: ModCloth, $15. Your Lucky Stars dress: ModCloth, $90. Watch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex. Headband: handmade with silver ric-rac.

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  1. Charlotte   •  

    This dress looks dreamy and suits you perfectly! :)
    A French reader

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