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Little Sami, big city: New York City Day 1 Instagrammed

Stan kept saying that I was a little Sami in a big city, which kind of stuck. I’m getting ready for day 3, but here’s an Instagram overview of day 1! Not following me on Instagram? Do so here. :)

Took a train from Bridgeport into Grand Central. When this train passed ours, it made me a little nervous.

I took the wrong turn out of Grand Central, so I was a little late to my Adobe training, but I made up for it by providing “bullseye” answers and scored these mints!

After the training session ended for the day, I checked in to my hotel {a DoubleTree by Hilton}, and marveled at the fact that I had a separate office/living room!

Though I was tempted to be anti-social and order room service, my boss told me that if I spent three days in the city and didn’t venture out, I’d be “stupid.” So, I checked out reviews of local restaurants and decided to give the French/Mediterranean Marseille a shot. I had the Tuscan Lemon Chicken — I have no words for how delicious it was. {Hey, I’m not a food blogger. Give me a break!}

I also tried their Roasted Plums & Figs for dessert. I loved the plums, but I can’t say I’m a big fig fan. {I guess I prefer the Newton variety!}

After feeling adequately stuffed, I did some Christmas/Yule shopping, and found another perfect gift for Scarlett. As Suzi said, I am “rockin’ in the Scarlett Xmas gift department this year!” I picked up something for Stan, too, and earmuffs for me, which I will probably wear today.

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