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J.Crew Jackie cardigan button hack

As if my and Stan’s previous apartment wasn’t bad enough, we also had a washer/dryer combo unit that was seriously evil. It would twist our clothes together, resulting in torn apart tank tops and buttons being pulled clean off sweaters. {Funny, it mostly happened to my clothes, so I think it had a special hatred for me.}

My olive J. Crew Jackie cardigan above was a victim of its button-popping schemes — it lost 3 buttons! I misplaced a few of the buttons in the move to my current apartment, and I could only find one of the originals, so I had to get crafty. Then I found these in a bag of buttons I acquired from a Goodwill:

I love pinks and greens together, so I knew these would be perfect! I found some hot pink thread and bam! It’s like a whole new cardigan, injected with funky Sami style:

I wore it to work once and then again at the Friends of Beacon Falls Library Holiday Shopping Fair, and everyone thought the pink buttons were just part of the cardigan. Here’s to turning a sad, buttonless cardigan into a unique & happy one!

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