Little Sami, big city: New York City Days 2 & 3 Instagrammed

Yesterday wrapped up my mini trip to the Big Apple. Here’s the rest of the trip through Instagrams. Not following me on Instagram? Do so here. :)

Day two threads: Farm Girl Chic.

When I discovered that the Harry Potter Exhibition was in town at the Discovery Times Square museum, I bought tickets immediately, and went straight there after my class got out on Tuesday. Photography wasn’t allowed at the exhibition, so I don’t have any additional photos, but you can see more here. It’s a massive collection of props, costumes, and set designs from the eight movies. My favorite part was walking through the Enchanted Forest and Little Hangleton exhibits because they really made it feel spooky, like Voldemort was watching over your shoulder. I know, I’m totally waiving my nerd flag right now.

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at an Ann Taylor LOFT because I’d been wanting to try on this adorable bow sweater. I grabbed the XS, but it was a little baggy and they didn’t have a smaller size. Being petite is rough sometimes!

After leaving the exhibition, I had a strong desire to watch the last Harry Potter movie, so I ordered Chinese takeout and dug in. {That’s green tea ice cream!}

This scene makes me cry every time. ♥

Day three threads: Bundled Up, inspired by my new Urban Outfitters earmuffs.

The train ride home! All in all, I think my first solo NYC trip was a success. I only took one wrong turn getting out of Grand Central, but after that, I pretty much had the grid down. I might even tackle the subway next time! :)


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