Freebies: Chevron & polka dot iPhone wallpapers

Free things are a great way to start the week, don’t you think? I was messing around with chevron patters in Photoshop the other day when I thought it would be fun to make a few iPhone wallpapers using my logo colors. Then I thought it would be even more fun to offer them to you!

I made the one on the left first, then played with opacity levels for the other two. {I’m using the 60 one in the photo above.}

…Then I got the crazy idea to do the same thing with polka dots:

Download all six here. They’re made for the iPhone 5, but should work on any iPhone. Share them with your friends, but don’t try to sell them. :)



  1. Marcus   •  

    All so cute!!

  2. Monica   •  

    How do you download?

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