In which I gush about my iPhone 5 {and you have a sneak peek at the décor in my apartment}

Last night, I finally {finally!} procured my iPhone 5. It is wonderful. The first things I noticed were how fast it is compared to my 3GS and how beautifully clear the display is. And, being a blogger, I had to mess around with the camera. Check out my 3GS photos {left} compared to the 5 {right}. Note: these were all taken at the same time, and none of them were retouched.

My bedazzled lipstick pen, a gift from Scarlett. A fashion/beauty blogger must-have.

My motto!

Happy rainbow candles.

It’s hard to believe that these were taken at the same time! The iPhone 5 photos are so much brighter and more vibrant. This is going to make on-the-go blogging so much more fun!


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