How to use a cupcake soap {video}

mini cupcake soaps - Poor and Pretty

Okay, so you think the idea of a cupcake soap is pretty neat, but you’re really not sure how to go about actually using one. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! That’s why Jillian Farrell of 60b Photography & I made this short & sweet how-to video for you. Enjoy!



  1. suzi   •  

    Nice Job Sami and Jill!

  2. Ann Nyberg   •  

    Sami Jo, this is the cutest darn video, just adorable, I’ve got to get some of the cupcakes into my boutique!

  3. Victoria Suzanne   •  

    That was such an adorable way to approach a video about being in the bath – something you usually can’t show in a video. Love it!

    • Sami   •     Author

      Thank you, Victoria! :)

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