Woodbury Wandering: Dairy De-lite

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was moving again. I’ve been in my new apartment in Woodbury for just over a month now, and I’m loving it. I haven’t had much time to wander around town and check out the local shops {lots of antiques!}, but I’m fairly certain I’ve moved into the same town as the best ice cream in Connecticut. Possibly the country. Possibly the world!

Stan, my Dad, and I stopped at Dairy De-lite yesterday after they helped me pick up and move some new furniture from Ikea. I asked for a scoop of lavender and a scoop of creamy peach and I got so much ice cream, it ended up being my dinner! {Also, I had a huge late lunch}. It was definitely a highlight of my day. My outfit was another:

Don’t mind my face in the image on the right. I was making funny faces at Stan, ha! My tank top with zebra print trim is from sugarplum, the white belt is a thrift store find, the pink jeans are from American Eagle {similar}, the rainbow stripey flats are from Urban OG {similar}.

If you live in the area, or if you’re visiting, definitely drop by for a scoop or two {or twenty} from Dairy De-lite, 705 Main St. South in Woodbury, CT. They have over 50 flavors of ice cream, plus gelato, soft serve, slushies, shakes, frozen yogurt, and lots of sundae combinations. I’ll be visiting often this summer!



  1. Shannon   •  

    I grew up in Woodbury and yes, the ice cream at Dairy De-Lite (or Charlie’s, as we knew it in my day) is awesome. However, if you haven’t been to Rich Dairy in Oxford, you MUST go. It’s truly amazing. But plan to wait – it gets crowded! Enjoy life in Woodbury…I miss living there so much.

  2. Cheryl   •  

    I do agree with Shannon about the ice cream at Dairy De-Lite as well as Rich’s Farm in Oxford. Before we moved to Woodbury, I lived in walking distance of Rich’s Farm. You can’t get ice cream any fresher than there. They have a barn nearby where you can visit the cows that make the milk for your ice cream. Just recently they decided to open for lunch with other food items besides ice cream. Here is the link for them. It is a 15 minute drive, but well worth it. ——–> http://www.richfarmicecream.com/

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