Murder! At the Four Deuces: My 25th birthday party

If you’ve seen all of my excited sneak peeks and nerdy dancing fascinator video posts leading up to it, you know my 1920s speakeasy-themed 25th birthday party was this past Saturday. I won’t make you wait anymore, either! The below video, filmed and edited by Jillian Farrell of 60b Photography & Live Intrepidly, is all the summation you need {and, oh yes, my sister and I duet “And All That Jazz” from Chicago}:

It was, without a doubt, my most fun birthday party to date, so thanks to everyone who made that possible! Special thanks to my Dad for letting us “invade” his house, Suzi & Scarlett for helping to cook, Mish for helping with hair, and the biggest thanks to Jill, who was the baddest, bossiest, most get-things-done and wonderful host/photographer/filmmaker/chef/friend!

Here’s a round-up of all the behind-the-scenes posts from my 25th birthday:

Happy partying!




  1. mish   •  

    This was soooo fun, seriously.<3

  2. Jillian   •  

    Me? Bossy? Haha That is just crazy talk!

  3. Michele   •  

    Omg!!!! I love it!!!! It really was a great party!!! Thank you Jill- the video is wonderful!!! I’m so lucky to have such awesome people in my life!!!


  4. suzi   •  

    aaahh! That was great! When the singing first started I was like dang! We sound amazing! And then realized oh wait…. But haha we did sound great woo! Awesome job Jill!

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