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New apartment: The bedroom closet

Have you ever seen The Money Pit? It’s one of the few movies that I can watch over and over again and still consistently laugh insanely loud to it every time. Anyway, as I mentioned previously, I had a Money Pit moment when I was setting up my closet in the bedroom. Jill and Kayla were sitting on the floor watching me load my clothes into the closet and I kept having the feeling that, any moment, everything would come crashing down. Jill has never seen the movie, so I described this scene to her {the video below will start just before the scene}:

And, wouldn’t you know, not five minutes after I explained the scene to Jill and told her she most definitely had to see the movie, the rack in my closet came crashing down with probably less than half of my clothes {the rest was yet to be unpacked}.

It was the hardest I’d ever heard Jill laugh.

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