This Saturday: Brazen Betties Cash Mob

Stop by the Brazen Betties Cash Mob this Saturday, from 11am-7pm! To show our support for Julia Sloan {pictured above, left}, who opened up Brazen Betties three years ago this month, we’re asking friends to swing by Brazen Betties and spend at least $20. Julia has done so much for Connecticut indie artists {including me!} and the local economy, so it’s time we give back!

There are plenty of wonderful, unique, handmade & vintage items in store for you.

Vintage & handmade clothing and handbags.

Handmade Raggie t-shirts and pottery.

One-of-a-kind headbands and hair accessories. Vintage & handmade jewelry.

And, of course, cupcake soaps, lip balms, and jars of frosting made by me!

Come to Torrington this Saturday, buy something wonderful, and give Julia a big hug for being one of the most amazing, inspiring, and fearless women in our great state of Connecticut! Can’t make it to the store? Shop online! {I promise it still counts.}

What’s a “cash mob,” you ask? Read about the successes of cash mobs in stimulating the local economy here and here.



  1. Jess@iblog4-u   •  

    These are the times I wish I was closer by :( but I will spread the word, what a great cause! and love those instagram pics :)

  2. Edward   •  

    Brazen Bettie’s is an amazing store where you find vintage treasures as well as beautiful one of a kind pieces (like amazing jewelery) from local artists. The store is filled with eye candy, great prices and a wonderful owner in Julia Sloan.

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