Holiday Threads: Heart of Green

Okay so this is technically not a “Today’s Threads,” but trust me, you wouldn’t want to see what I’m wearing today. I’ve been sick for over a week with some kind of sinus infection/cold thing, so I’m in my jammies. Not doing a whole lot of jammin’ though. So, here’s what I wore to my Dad’s house for Christmas Eve.

xmas eve 2011

From the bottom up: Red vintage boots: Bellini, loveyvintage, $30. White leggings: Marshalls, $8. Green polka heart jumper: Forever 21, found at Savers, $8. White top: Old Navy, $5. Clock heart necklace: handmade by White Flag Designs (now OHWTO), Brazen Betties, $30. Brown headband: 3 for $1, Dollar Tree, bought when I was making hair accessories.

I also got a haircut, which I was in desperate need of. Thanks to Mish <3.


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  1. Allison   •  

    Omg! Your hair is super cute! How did you get that feathered layered look? Every time I try to get mine to look like that it does some funky flip-curls. Grr.

    I love the jumper! :)

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