Friday Faves: Holiday DIY Roundup

My Halloween DIY Roundup was pretty popular, so I thought I’d do one for the Holiday season, too. Here are some neat Holiday-inspired crafts & DIYs I’ve found around the Internet:

1. Holiday Branch Decor via Remodelista. A very simple way to spruce {get it??} up a corner of the house for the holidays. All you need is a tree branch {I believe the one pictured is birch} and a string of white lights.

2. Cozy Winter Felt Wreath via The Inspired Room. This wreath is made entirely from neutral-colored felt squares and it’s so pretty!

3. Twine/String Ball Ornaments via Simple Mom. These holiday-themed string balls are very easy to make and they can be used as ornaments or as additions to centerpieces.

4. Sparkly Pears via Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Okay, this isn’t technically a tutorial, but they’d be very easy to make: pears + glue + glitter. I would make these not more than a few days before you’re having a party because real pears will go bad. Alternately, you could use fake pears.

5. Ladder Tree via CB2. Don’t have a tree? Or maybe you’d rather not cut one down or buy a plastic one? Stringing lights up around a ladder is a really cool alternative. I wish we had a ladder…

6. Mini Present Garland via Oh Happy Day. I love how fun, colorful and kate-spade-esque this garland is! It’s made with crepe paper and cereal/raisin boxes. I may go out and get raisin boxes just to make this! {And, of course, to eat the raisins.}

7. The Sweater Stocking via made. Turn your old/too-big/too-small sweaters into stockings! Genius! For those of you who can make more than a pillow on a sewing machine {something I still haven’t quite accomplished yet…}, this is a wonderful way to make personalized stockings for friends, family, or yourself!

8. Glitter Globes via kirtsy. My niece loves snow globes, so I’m going to box up these instructions and supplies and give them to her as one of her gifts so we can make one together. I might get too excited and make a bunch for the apartment, too.

9. Paper Ornaments via Etsy. I love these ornaments because they’re so unique. I’ve never seen any like them! Plus, they’re also pretty easy to make.

10. Pom Garland by Hank & Hunt. I realize I have a garland problem. Also a pom-pom problem. Also a sparkle problem. So, this sparkly pom-pom garland makes a little crazy with happiness. I can’t wait to make a bajillion! Poor Stan.

11. Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags via Hey Look. These printable gift tags are so pretty and simple, and they’re perfectly paired with kraft/butcher paper giftwrap and twine. A great simplistic look for wrapping gifts.

There are so many great holiday decor tutorials circling around the web, but I had to limit my list otherwise it would have gone on forever. Check out my holiday decor diy pinterest board for more inspiration!


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