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My favorite way of styling my hair used to be straightening it, but now it’s summer and it’s far too hot to be doing that. Plus, now that my hair is shorter {thanks, again, to my friend Ryan Gorey}, it’s easier to just wash it, throw in some product, and let it be naturally wavy. Lately, my favorite product has been my all-natural, homemade, beach-inspired, sea-salt hair spray:


  • ½ cup distilled water
  • ½ cup coconut water {you can find this in the Spanish section of the grocery store}
  • 1 tbs sea salt
  • 1 tbs glycerin {you can substitute hair gel}
  • ½ tsp jojoba oil
  • 4-6 drops orange essential oil {optional}
  • 4-6 drops pink grapefruit essential oil {optional}


This is super simple. Ready? Just mix everything together! You can microwave the sea salt and water together if you’d like, just to make it dissolve faster, but that’s optional. This contains no preservatives, so I recommend storing it in the fridge, taking a little bit out at a time to store in a small spray container. If you keep it out, unused, for too long, the chunks of coconut in the coconut water will start to get moldy. I’ve kept mine mold-free in the fridge for over a month now!

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Just spray it on when your hair is wet and let it dry naturally! Note: your hair will most likely not be as poofy as mine. I have ludicrously thick hair. I could carpet an entire house with what I have on my head.

….Side note: can you believe I haven’t been to the beach yet? It’s a damn shame!



  1. Joanna   •  

    I am so glad you posted this. I used to be an avid user of Sunsilk’s Waves of Envy which gave my hair that perfect summer look that you’re describing. Unfortunately the brand was discontinued and I have had a hard time finding something to replace it. Where would I go to purchase the oils that you used?

  2. Sami   •  

    Hi Joanna! You can get all of this stuff at Whole Foods, although I’m not too sure about the glycerin. I bought it online from one of my soap suppliers. Whole Foods definitely has essential oils and should have jojoba oil. If not, you can use other light oils like apricot kernel, sweet almond (NOT bitter almond, it is not the same), or Grapeseed oil. It’s a little pricey at first, but considering all of these things except the coconut water will last you a very long time, it’s a good investment if you like beachy hair. Plus, you can do so many other at-home cosmetic things with essential and carrier oils. :)

  3. Mish   •  


  4. Quyen   •  

    Omg I totally bookmarked this and then realized it was you after.

    • Sami   •  

      Haha! Thanks, Quyen! Hope all is well with you :)

  5. Will DeVilla   •  

    That is so cool ^_^ I love these types of recipes. And I am assuming its better for your hair health… I will most definitively pass this on to all of my friends and will make a great x-mass gift.

    • Sami   •     Author

      Thanks, Will! It most definitely is good for your hair — no preservatives, no toxic chemicals. :)

  6. Mara   •  

    cute! I love sea salt spray but that shiz gets expensive and my KMS is running out. Im going to try your recipe, it sounds fabulous.

    • Sami   •     Author

      Thanks, Mara! And can I just say, I’m super jealous you’re working with ModCloth! That must be so much fun! xo

  7. rc   •  

    I have been using Charles Worthington Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, which, like Waves of Envy, has apparently been discontinued. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  8. Meme   •  

    Where do you find jojoba oil? I cant find it ANYWHERE in stores near me!
    But my friend went to spain and she brought a BUNCH of stuff back and she had some jojoba oil an made some hairspray and it worked SO much better than my hairspray! Now i have to find jojoba oil in stores!

  9. Sami   •     Author

    Hi Meme, you don’t say where you’re from so I can’t give you any specific recommendations, but I have an easy time finding jojoba oil at local natural foods stores. When I can’t find it in an independently-owned shop, I get it from a chain like Whole Foods Market. And if you don’t have anything like that near you, there’s always the Internet! :)

  10. Lynnlea   •  

    you can also get jojoba oil at Trader Joes in the beauty section. At least at the one near me. I have also been able to buy sweet almond oil at the local CVS.

  11. Myra   •  

    1.How would this look on medium-long hair?
    2.How long does it take to dry(average)?
    3.What if you spray it on damp hair and blow dry?
    4.Would this work on dry hair then scrunch, let dry?
    5.Can you spray on dry/wet hair wrap in a bun and let dry/blow dry?
    Im sorry i have alot of questions. Im just that kind of girl

  12. Maggie   •  

    Love the sea salt spray! Its so hot in Oklahoma that you need to wear a natural look. :)

    I have a free beauty giveaway at my site, you should check it out. I is worth $200 in beauty products… and your a beauty site! Thought you might like it,

  13. Anita   •  

    Hi there!
    First off, I just want to say that I thought your haircut from last year (the one in these pix) looked absolutely ADORABLE! Admittedly, I’ve always been a long hair kinda girl myself, but that’s because I’m like 75% sure that I can’t even pull off shorter hair in the first place.
    Also, this spray sounds awesome! I’m always looking for a product to help give me more defined curls and waves (my hair’s naturally curly to begin with but it gets a bit frizzy… especially in humidity. UGH!).
    I normally use a texturizing wax by Garnier (it’s pretty cheap, so that’s always nice), but I like that your’s is all natural products. Always a good thing!

  14. Sami   •     Author

    Thank you, Anita! I’ve been debating growing my hair out for a while now, but I usually change my mind once it gets about shoulder length. There are so many more things you can do with long hair though! :)

  15. Meghan   •  

    What if I have EXTREMELY straight hair… I’ve been struggling with it my whole life and I’m SICK of it! When I try to curl/scrunch my hair it may stay for 1/4 the day, but definitely not long enough. Will this keep hold even if I don’t have a curl to begin with?

    • Sami   •     Author

      Hi Meghan,
      I can’t say for sure how well this will work on straight hair, as mine is naturally wavy. You might need something more like a gel to hold curls in your hair all day. Why not try this out and report back? :)

  16. Rosance   •  

    I am in love with your hair. It is short yet has its wave. I am also a long hair girl but think that women with short hair look beautiful. I am just afraid that it wont look good on me either (on the same boat as Anita…haha). Plus hubby and son wouldn’t let me anyway -_- I love the vintage look it gives. And with those waves, it makes it not just a plain short haircut, but a fashionably sexy short haircut. Another thing is that I cannot pull off the bangs either D: You are pulling off everything I can’t lol.
    I have wavy hair that is dying on me, the waves not the hair. I will try the sea salt spray but will have to tweak things because my hair is oily, weight down easily, and fine. I will let you know how it turns out, gorgeous! ;)

  17. Rachel   •  

    So I saw a similar recipe, but with different and fewer oils. Some people said that they had a hard time finding jojoba oil, etc. I’ve heard that this works with just sea salt, coconut oil, and water. I might try this out, but play with the ingredients. Oh, and my haircut (that I recently did myself) looks exactly like yours! Except you have beautiful red tints to yours :P.

    • Sami   •     Author

      Aww, thanks Rachel! I’ve since lost the red tints, but will be adding them back in next week – yay! Yes, absolutely play around with the ingredients and see what works best for you — that’s the whole point of DIY! :) I order jojoba oil in bulk for my cupcake soaps, lip balms, and body balms, so I always have some on hand, but I definitely understand it being hard to find and expensive. If you’re hesitant to buy online, I’ve had luck finding both coconut and jojoba oils at my local natural foods store.

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