Guest Post: Sani’s DIY French Mani/Pedi

Hello everyone, I’m Sani, Sami’s “twin sister”. Sami and I met working at Apple and ever since she has been an awesome best friend. You might remember me from Sami’s strawberry mask post, and her post about the New Haven cupcake truck. Speaking of cupcakes, have any of you tried her amazing cupcakes? Ha! If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn ya, because you are going to be ADDICTED.

Anyway, about a year ago I shared this awesome tip on how to do your own French mani/pedi and ever since she’s been in love! A few days ago we got this awesome idea about making this video for all of you great readers out there. I also wanted to acknowledge that in this video for some odd reason I was saying manicure when clearly we are doing a pedi here. Silly me! There was lots of silliness going on that day so we are just going to blame it on that! Enjoy!!!