So sorry I haven’t updated in a while. As I said on Facebook, I’ve been crazy busy with the trip to California {which was actually as much business as it was pleasure} and moving into an apartment with Stan! :D Here are a few photos from the California trip. See more after the jump!

Pacific Park1


On Thursday, {December 30th}, Stan and I went to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier to get my fortune from Rajah the Mystic Oracle and also hang out in the “sea of red” with University of Wisconsin fans {my uncle, who we stayed with, is an alum}. We’re not really into the football scene, but it was nice being outside after spending almost all of the previous day in planes and airports. Plus, look at that sunshine!

Stan Mirror2

Friday, we did some heavy shopping in downtown L.A. Actually, to both my and my aunt’s suprise, Stan did most of the shopping! He bought 5 really nice shirts and a few ties for his new job. I don’t have any photos of us shopping, but I do have this awesome one that I took in the car on the way there {above}. Because our bodies were still on eastern time, we went to bed before it was officially 2011 in California, but it was in Connecticut!

Rose Parade1

Rose Parade2

Saturday, we went to the Rose Parade in Pasadena and saw some really intricate floats. It had been a while since I’d actually gone to a parade, so it was fun… except for the part where we had to be out of the house super early.

Venice Beach

Later in the day, we headed to Venice Beach to check out the street performers {Stan was picked as a volunteer by one street performer; he had to dance and carry the performer}, watch some skater boys, and… hug some trees?

The next few days, we mostly hung around and worked on my uncle’s website. Monday night, we saw Black Swan at the Landmark Theatres, which was the coolest movie theater I’ve ever been to. They have a few theaters that are set up essentially like living rooms with huge TVs in them. The screen is the same size you would see at a regular theater, but they have couches, love seats, and arm chairs instead of the stadium seating we’re used to. It was amazing.

On Tuesday, we checked out the J. Paul Getty Museum, which is really interesting architecturally because the galleries are set up so that you have to walk through these hallways in which the walls are made entirely of windows or you can go outside, so you get really amazing landscape views.




There’s also a big outdoor garden, which my aunt says is a hundred times more beautiful during the spring {but I thought it was really nice in the winter, too}:


And, of course, Stan caused more trouble, climbing walls and running toward me at top speed:


Afterward, we stopped for delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles, where the cupcake revolution began.


Aaaand on Wednesday, my uncle’s friend {who works for CBS} gave us a studio tour {lunch included!}, where we got to see the executive meeting rooms, we hung out on the set of The Young and the Restless {during filming!}, and sat in the audience for The Price is Right! We were in the second row, directly behind the contestants… look for my super cheesy grin January 26th!CBS

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! Check back soon for apartment pics :)


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