Winter Skin DIYs


Chapped lips. Itchy, dry skin. Yep, it’s winter! Here are a few how-to’s and tips to keep your skin soft, smooth, and happy.


1. DIY Sugar Scrub ~ here’s a how-to I did last winter on making your own sugar scrub, which is great for handmade holiday gifts, too!

2. Strawberry Mask + Sugar ~ Remember the strawberry mask recipe I shared with you last year? Well, it’s great on its own, but add about 1/2 cup to a cup of regular white sugar to it to have a nice exfoliating, acne-blasting mask.

3. Exfoliating Kisser Scrub from Soap Queen ~ I love Bramble Berry! I get a few of my soapmaking supplies from them, but I also love that the owner, Anne-Marie Faiola, has a wonderful blog with great recipes and tutorials. This one is for exfoliating your lips, something we often forget to do! {Image © Bramble Berry}

4. Winter Recipes with Spice from Mountain Rose Herbs ~ Mountain Rose Herbs is the place to buy herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, and other ingredients for at-home cosmetics-making. A large portion of their stock is organic and fair-trade {I buy the certified organic jojoba oil for my cupcake soaps here}. Here are some great DIY winter beauty & beverage recipes, including an Oatmeal & Spice Bath, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Body Scrub, and a yummy chai recipe that I am definitely going to chai out later this week {get it? Chai out??} {Image © Mountain Rose Herbs}

Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! I’ll be spending the rest of today studying for my three exams tomorrow, eep!


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