Friday Faves 8.27.10: Chunky Acrylic Rings

I’ve been really into chunky jewelry lately, especially rings. I stumbled upon some vintage dome acrylic/lucite rings on Etsy and now I’m totally hooked. Here are a few of my favorite chunky acrylic/lucite/plastic rings from all over the web:


1. Unique Acrylic Rose Flower Ring in Hot Pink by Sassy Toe. I love pink, and I love flowers. That pretty much sums up why I love this ring!

2. Cute Plastic Bow Ring by ASOS. Simple, cute, not too chunky, and it goes with everything.

3. Flower Lucite Bubble Ring by Caravan Collection. This Etsy seller doesn’t seem to be in business anymore, but Bree’s Vintage Revivals has a few lucite flower bubble rings like this one.

4. Vintage Green MOD Lucite Bubble Ring by Bree’s Vintage Revivals. This Etsy shop is a treasure trove of cool vintage jewelry, not to mention over a dozen lucite rings.

5. Vintage Rainbow Laminated Lucite Ring by Karmalings. Unfortunately, this ring sold earlier this month, but I wanted to include it because I love this style. As you know, I’m very into bright colors {especially in rainbow form!}, so I’m dying to find another one of these rings. Let me know if you find one? :)


The rest of these rings {#6-#9} all come from one place: The Carrotbox, whose motto is “feed your fingers.” If you’re looking for unique but inexpensive rings, The Carrotbox should be the first place you shop! It’s a one-woman operation, begun when Alice, the artist, discovered she was allergic to metal. Her rings are made from materials like acrylic, stone, wood, or glass, and are just lovely. These are some of my favorites:

6.  Heart Rings. These adorable rings are made from solid acrylic, come in a variety of colors, and are only $5 each. I hope she re-stocks them soon because none of them are in my size!

7. Adele. The “Adele” rings are made from clear resin with a backwash of color, and a subtle shimmer. Of course, my favorite is the pink one :)

8. Wood & Acrylic rings. The combination of bright acrylics with natural wood is absolutely beautiful in these rings.

9. Karina.  This chunky, faceted ring is also shimmery and reminiscent of a nail polish bottle. As Alice says, “If you’ve ever seen the way a pearly colour swirls around in a nailpolish bottle, you’ll have some idea of what ‘Karina’ is like.”

Do you have a favorite place to shop for inexpensive rings?




  1. shannon   •  

    i loved the ring rocking the colour pink :) yh

  2. Markus   •  

    hi, where do I get the acrylic rings #7. couldn’t find it on homepage of “The Carrotbox”.

    with best regards


    • Sami   •     Author

      Hi Markus, this post is almost 2 years old, so it’s possible that the owner of The Carrot Box does not make the Adele style ring anymore. I would contact her for more information. Good luck! :)

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