Suzicakes Hosts "Design Your Own Cupcake" at Elementary School

diy cupcakes1

Hello Poor & Pretty readers! I’m Suzi, Sami’s older sister and I love making cupcakes! Recently my daughter’s {Scarlett, who you may remember from the diy cucumber mask video} school PTA hosted a family fun night with tons of activities for the whole family, including bowling, face painting and Bingo! It was a great way to spend an evening with your kids.

diy cupcakes2

Being the cupcake lover that I am, I volunteered to have a “Design Your Own Cupcake” station with my trusty sidekick Kaylie. With the help of the PTA, I gathered up all the supplies we would need: 200 cupcakes {yes, you read that correctly}, 12 tubs of frosting, food coloring, and more candy and sprinkles than even Willy Wonka’s factory has! Clearly, these were the makings of a great night! I dyed the frosting four different colors and also had chocolate for those with a more classic cupcake palate. Each topping had its own bowl and spoon to keep things neat and sanitary.  Additionally, each child had to have signed permission from their parents before they could dive into my cupcake heaven {because you never want to mess around with food allergies}.

diy cupcakes3

I don’t know who had more fun — the kids or the parents! I don’t believe there is anything better than getting together with your family to create beautiful, colorful, fantastically fun art that you can eat!

Happy Cupcaking!



  1. Madelene Cameron   •  

    I loved it. .It was so much fun.. The girls had fun licking off the frosting..

  2. Robin Washburn   •  

    The entire evening was a huge success. Suzi, your cupcake idea just made the night even better. We thank you so very much for everything that you did.

  3. anna   •  

    Thank you very much Suzie for making our end of the year celebration so much fun! Can’t wait to see what you come-up with for our family events for next school year! Hey did you ever think of doing kid’s birthday parties?

  4. suzicakes   •  

    Thanks for all the comments! It really was a great night! Anna- I was just saying how I thought this would be a really fun activity at birthday parties!

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