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2010-04-11 16.22.01

I’m smitten with Collinsville, this historic little town in CT.  Cobblestone sidewalks, little antique stores and jewelry shops nestled right next to the Farmington River…it’s really quite beautiful.2010-04-11 16.09.35

Mmm… Battleship and the Ming Chicken at LaSalles Market and Deli with Pawel. We also had iced coffee and split a slice of pizza too. Best pizza I’ve ever had. <3  If you’ve never been here, I suggest you take a little trip and spend some time wondering around the center of town on a beautiful day.

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3 comments to Collinsville.

  • Back in the olden days, my friend Brendan used to do an open mic there every Friday. I love LaSalles. Thanks for reminding me how cool Collinsville is. A road trip is definitely in order!

  • Tracey Najarian

    I second Jens comment and still have some old friends in that area. I am really interested in walking or biking along the linear path there one day! Looking for my friend John Neil in that area, has anyone seen him? LOL

  • Maggie

    They have a fantastic Open Mic, its very family orientented, My friend Andre used to host it ( not sure if he still does he just had a baby girl) A few friends also work in that area, its a very cool place to hang out =)

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