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DIY: Hair Accessories

As a part of my personal campaign to make as much of my own stuff as I can, I decided to explore the realm of hair accessories. Currently, my hair is pretty short so I can really only style it three ways; straight, curly, or in pigtails. Sometimes, I get bored with these styles and I look for ways to spice them up a bit. I’ve bought cute clips and headbands in the past, and they never seem to be too difficult to put together, so I thought I’d try making my own. Turns out, they’re really simple and cheap to make. The markup on these things is ridiculous. You’ll never buy them again!

diy hair accessories

Here’s what you’ll need for decorating headbands:

  • plain fabric headbands {I found mine at a dollar store – 3 headbands for $1!}
  • fake fabric flowers {you can find these at your local craft store, I also used fake flowers from a lei}
  • buttons {you can get a whole bag of random buttons for cheap at a craft store}
  • super glue or a hot glue gun

here’s what you’ll need/can use for decorating bobby pins/hair clips:

  • bobby pins {you can get these at any hair supply store or even Walmart or Target}
  • plain, metal hair clips {hair supply store}
  • fake round gems {craft store}
  • buttons
  • felt
  • needle and thread

The steps for both are pretty similar:

  1. lay down some newspaper or paper towels on your work surface so you don’t get glue all over your desk/table.
  2. glue your gems, buttons, or fake flowers onto your bobby pins, hair clip, or head band.
  3. press down on the gem, button, or flower so that it adheres well to the object you’re gluing it to.
  4. let sit to dry for 24 hours for best results {i.e., don’t wear them right away, even though they’re super cute!}

diy hair accessories2

You’ll notice I’ve also made hair clips with felt shapes. Those require a bit more effort and supplies, so I’ll cover those in an upcoming post {soon, I promise!}.

Did you make hair accessories using this how-to guide? E-mail us pics and we’ll include them in a future post! Happy crafting!

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