Friday Faves 1.22.10

I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about today, but I was able to narrow it down to just four. Here goes!

1. “Aim and Ignite” album by fun.Screen shot 2010-01-22 at 7.01.08 AM I’ve been gabbing about this nonstop on twitter and I mentioned it in my post on Monday. I love love love this album. Stan introduced me to the band The Format when we started dating, but they broke up in early 2008. A few weeks ago I was thinking, “hmm. I wonder if the lead singer {Nate Ruess} ever went on to do anything else. I should find out for Stan.” So, I did, and it turns out Nate Ruess is the lead singer of fun., which, as their name would suggest, is a pretty fun band to listen to. They combine classic styles of music {think Victorian era dance parties} with modern day beats and lyrics. Listen to them here.DSCN2164

2. My new Franco Sarto pumps I bought from Peonies. I bought these for $35 and they look like they’ve barely been worn. Judging from the current pricing of other Franco Sarto shoes, these babies were probably upwards of $80, and they’ve got that girlish Mary Jane look to them too!

six-feet-under3. Six Feet Under {HBO Series}. It’s not on TV anymore, the series ended in 2005, but it’s still, by far, the best TV series you will ever see. The characters and character development is amazing, as they would be under direction from Alan Ball {most well known for writing/producing American Beauty}, who has currently moved on to True Blood, another show I’m addicted to. Anyway, I have the entire DVD collection of Six Feet Under and I’ve been re-watching it with Stan. It’s about a family that owns a funeral home, and yes, it’s a little creepy, dark, and at times disturbing, but I love it. The series finale is the most beautiful end to a TV show I’ve ever seen, and it made me cry for hours. The series has won a ton of awards, including two 2002 Emmy’s for Outstanding Casting & Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series, a 2001 Golden Globe for Best Drama Series, and a few SGAs. Rent it if you can, it’s truly amazing.

4. Emily Pilloton on The Colbert Report. Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H Design, is tackling the issue of sustainability in the design world by creating products that have a positive social impact around the globe, especially in developing countries. She was on The Colbert Report on Monday. Check out the video: {if it doesn’t work for you, view it here.}

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