Gelato, Baby!: Alissa Walker's Unique Blogging Voice.

One of the first {and most important} pieces of advice my boss gave me when I shared with her my & Mish’s idea for was to “find a unique voice” or, in this case, voices. I read bunches of different blogs to try and find each blogger’s voice, but the person I watched closest was Alissa Walker, of fame.

headshot_alissa-237x300Now, talk about finding your own unique voice! Alissa Walker has three main passions: writing, walking and gelato. She lives, writes, walks and eats gelato in Los Angeles {lucky!}, and she is just one of the coolest, smartest, wittiest, bloggers/freelance journalists I have ever read. Now that I’ve become acquainted with her writing {much of which is about design, crafting, eating, & sustainability}, it’s easy to spot anything she’s penned {typed?}. She’s sharp, funny, crafty, endlessly upbeat — and always herself. In everything she writes, even when it’s for major online and print publications like Design Observer, GOOD, Fast Company, and Core77, she always slips in little funny snippets of her personality that make you go “Oh, yeah, that’s totally Alissa.”

Case in point: When I first began reading her stuff, it was back in February. I was reading up on Compostmodern, an annual sustainable design conference held in San Francisco, which Alissa Walker liveblogged for Core77. After the conference was over, she put all of her posts together on Core77 and called it “Compostmodern 09: Urgent Reflections and All Posts In One Place.” In reporting about windpower advocate and inventor {and founder of!!!} Saul Griffith‘s lecture at Compostmodern, Alissa said:

…Griffith rocks back and forth on stage, flapping his arms, pointing at facts and figures with a laser pointer. He’s going to school us, literally. And he’s going to start with some basic education that we might have missed while we were so busy learning about design. This is a man who has invented several products, started several companies, plus he’s a certified (MacArthur Foundation) genius, and has multiple degrees in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering including a Ph.D from MIT in Programmable Assembly and Self Replicating Machines (what does that even mean?). Luckily, he’s funny.


She just cracks me up. She can give you the news in a way that is entertaining and still meaningful. If Alissa Walker were a TV news anchor, I daresay I would actually watch the news on TV, rather than reading it through social news sites like reddit. I mean, honestly, how can you not appreciate her just for her awesome business cards alone? Alissa’s “unique voice” is that of an extreme gelato-lover, right down to her very business scoops {right}.

Seriously, though. If you read nothing else of Alissa Walker’s, please, to understand why I love her, and her hilarity, read her inspired-by-Easter post, “A time to Peep,” in which she relates the story of her strikingly humanlike Peeps and their very bad behavior. If you don’t laugh, there is definitely something wrong with you. :)


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  1. Alissa   •  

    Thanks for the awesome write-up, Sami! I’ll work on that news anchor part…

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