Cupcake Party 1: Penguins!

As we mentioned yesterday, last night was our first cupcake party and it went swimmingly {pun intended… okay, you’ll get it in a second}. Sami’s older sister Suzi used her Hello Cupcake book to make these adorable penguin cupcakes complete with icebergs and gummy fish counterparts! {get the swimming reference now?} The best part is, she did it all for under $20!


Suzi, who has been making kickass cakes for quite some time now, has begun to consider starting her own side-business making cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, and other sorts of parties. She jokes about the idea, but she already has a name picked out: Suzicakes! Aww :)


22362_269079874781_707624781_4630490_5645897_n“I think I really got into making extravagant cakes when I had Scarlett,” Suzi says. Scarlett is the cutest, silliest, smartest kid we know and has been deliciously spoiled with wicked cool cakes for almost all of her seven birthdays. For her 6th birthday, Scarlett had a Shark Attack! cake {above} because she loves sharks {and yes, that shark really is eating Barbie!}. Last year, she had a haunted birthday theme with a haunted house cake {right}.

Aaanyway, back to the penguins! We can’t divulge the secret recipe, as it is copyrighted to the authors of Hello Cupcake, but here are some process shots:


A tip that wasn’t in the book: Suzi recommends cutting the tops off of the cupcakes that you make the penguins on so that you have a flat surface to work with.


Okay, we admit it, Suzi did most of the work, but only because she has much more experience making desserts that are both aesthetically and tastefully pleasing!


One thing we did do ourselves was shape the penguin feet. We are super proud of them. :)


Our icebergs are suffering from the effects of global warming, so they’re a bit droopy, but otherwise everything came out wonderful! We love love love Suzi and her goddess-like baking skills. If you ever want a really rad cake made, we know who to contact, but if you feel like trying out some of these cool cupcakes yourself, we highly highly suggest Hello Cupcake, which you can find in every major bookstore and online. Happy baking! <3



  1. Lulu   •  

    I was lucky enough to sample one of the icebergs. I swore I wasn’t going to eat any more baked goods after the holidays — but I can’t control myself when it comes to coconut. Delicious! Keep on baking Suzicakes!

  2. Suzi(suzicakes)   •  

    Thank you I will! I’m glad you enjoyed the iceberg…and there is always a little more room for a cupcake! :D

  3. Mish   •  

    Those cupcakes were sweeeet! I can’t believe Pawel asked for seconds…he never eats sweets. Thanks for the party Suzi, it was so much fun!

  4. Joanna   •  

    That looks like it was so much fun! And those cupcakes look delicious.

  5. Giovani   •  

    The Shark Attack’s scary! Hahaha! :O)

    Scarlett might like reading a chapter book I wrote for another girl who loves sharks. It’s called SLASH! The Great White Shark & I’ll be happy to send her the manuscript in PDF if she thinks that would be fun.

    Keep spreading the smiles w/ those cakes of yours! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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