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Flash Sale Holiday 2014 - Lemon feat

Flash Sale Holiday 2014 - Lemon IN

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DIY Confetti Ornaments with The Confetti Bar

DIY Confetti Ornament with The Confetti Bar - feat

DIY Confetti Ornament with The Confetti Bar - IN

Possibly the easiest and most fun DIY at my Holiday Crafternoon on Sunday was the confetti-filled glass ornament. Jessica of The Confetti Bar brought bags and bags of her handmade confetti so no two ornaments were the same:

DIY Confetti Ornaments at Crafternoon

How awesome are these?! They are so easy to make, so let’s get to it:

DIY Confetti Ornament - supplies

You will need:

  • one cup of your favorite confetti from The Confetti Bar – I used a mystery mix!
  • clear glass ornaments
  • twine or string

DIY Confetti Ornament - open glass ornaments

1. Pull the tops off of the ornaments.

DIY Confetti Ornament - pour out confetti

2. Dump out your confetti!

DIY Confetti Ornament - stuffing ornaments 2

3. Stuff the confetti into the ornaments, using your fingers to push it through. There really is no faster way to do this. We tried folding up paper and using funnels, and both actually slowed down the process. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take very long. ;)

DIY Confetti Ornament - tie with twine

4. Once full, pop the lids back on and tie on some colorful twine or string.

DIY Confetti Ornament - hang on tree

5. Hang ‘em on your tree with all of your other DIY ornaments. (Need suggestions? Try making these Salt Dough Ornaments or Yarn Pom-Pom Ornaments or Paper Crane Ornaments!)

If you have leftover confetti, tossing it on your tree or around the room is encouraged. ♥


Holiday Crafternoon!

Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

DIY Table - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

I had so much fun yesterday hosting my second Crafternoon (remember the one I did with Brit + Co and Timex?). This time, the theme was “DIY presents” – cool things you can make within a few hours that people would actually like to receive as gifts. Eight awesomely crafty ladies crammed into my living room and kitchen and filled the house with glitter and confetti! Here are a few of the things we made:

Confetti Ornament - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

Glass ornaments filled with confetti from The Confetti Bar – Alanna’s came out so pretty! Look for the tutorial tomorrow. ;)

Herbal Sachets - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

Hand-sewn herbal sachets filled with lavender and chamomile. Jordan is a pro seamstress.

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

Jessica L. is mixing up a mason jar hot cocoa mug – look for the recipe next week!

Confetti Soap - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

Check out these confetti-filled soaps! This amazing idea came from the brilliant mind of Latanya from Sprinkles & Booze.

DIY gifts with For The Makers - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

A big, big thanks to For The Makers for supplying a few supplies to the party! Madu’s craft stash includes the Lemon Drop Necklace and Locals Only Bangle from FTM’s Hello Trouble collection.

Instagram Station - Holiday Crafternoon via @poorandpretty

Another big thank you goes to The Confetti Bar’s Jessica H. for supplying the confetti! She’s using my Instagram Station to show off her herbal sachet and Locals Only Bangle.

Red + Green Velvet Cupcakes via @poorandpretty

I’m super grateful for my fabulous sister Suzi who came over early and helped me frost my red & green velvet cupcakes and make a bunch of appetizers. I’m so lucky to have her. ♥

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came and crafted and conquered. I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to do this again! (Perhaps in someone else’s – bigger – house ;)


5 Beauty Benefits of Orange

Beauty Benefits of Orange via @poorandpretty feature

I love the smell and taste of oranges. They’re so good for your body, and as it turns out, they’ve got a lot of beauty benefits too. Here are just a few:

Beauty Benefits of Orange via @poorandpretty

1. Treat dark spots. The vitamin C in oranges helps reduce dark spots, even skin tone, and get rid of blemishes. Did you know that orange peels actually contain more vitamin C than the fruit itself? That’s why I use orange peel powder in my Orange Sugar Scrub.

2. Dry out & heal acne. Citric acid blasts away pore-blocking dirt and bacteria to deep clean and kill any existing acne.

3. Detoxify. You can thank dietary fiber for giving orange peels super detoxifying powers. By ridding the skin and body of harmful toxins, fiber helps prevent acne breakouts.

4. Skin-firming. Not only does vitamin C improve your skin’s texture and color, it also restores collagen to firm and prevent premature aging of your skin.

5. Rejuvenate dull skin. The combination of vitamin C, citric acid, and dietary fiber in oranges work together to exfoliate and revitalize lackluster skin.

Orange Sugar Scrubs_600

Orange you glad I shared these tips with you? Grab an Orange Sugar Scrub for yourself or someone else who could use a little relaxing & pampering right here.


Blogiversary Flashback: 2011

P&P Blogiversary 2011 Highlights-feat

P&P Blogiversary 2011 Highlights @poorandpretty

To celebrate Poor & Pretty’s blogiversary, I’m taking a look back at my favorite posts of the last five years. Last week, I shared posts from 2009 and 2010. Here are a few from 2011:

1. California. Stan and I started 2011 on the west coast! We visited my Uncle Dave in Los Angeles to help him redesign his website, and did a little sightseeing while we were there. We even went to the Rose Parade!

2. Restyle Revisited: My Styling Session with Sabrina Allard. Looking back at this post makes me miss Sabrina so much! I haven’t seen her in over two years! She’s such a positive person, and has a great sense of style. She used to offer personal styling sessions, and I was lucky enough to be able to do one with her. My friend Mayya took a few photos of us with some of the new pieces I added to my wardrobe.

3. Tea Adventure: Simpson & Vale. I have embraced that Stan and I are crazy tea people. So when we discovered Simpson & Vale, nestled away in Broofield, CT, we drove down and bought tons of loose leaf tea. It’s still my favorite place to buy tea.

4. My Immortal 24th Birthday. In June, I introduced you to my love for murder mysteries. My Mom helped me throw a murder mystery party with some of my closest friends for my 24th birthday. It was immortal-themed, so there were vampires, werewolves, faeries, and wizards. It was so much fun!

5. DIY Beachy Sea Salt Hair Spray. This continues to be one of my most-viewed blog posts of all time. I’m so glad you loved my sea salt hair spray tutorial. :)

6. Is this the real life? A 60b/Poor & Pretty bohemian-inspired photo shoot. I had the opportunity to work with Jill again on a fun bohemian-themed photo shoot for my cupcake soaps. Drawing inspiration from avant-garde art, writings, and yes, Moulin Rouge, we personified the bohemian values of freedom, beauty, truth, and love. It was a beautiful shoot done in the gardens of Wickham Park in Manchester, CT.

7. Manchester Art Association Craft Fair. In October, I vended at my very first event! People really loved my products, and I had some great sales, but it ended it a now-infamous freak October snowstorm.

8. Recipe: Tra La Las {Iced Italian Cookies}. Just before Christmas, I shared my recipe for Tra La Las a.k.a. Iced Italian Cookies a.k.a. Egg Drop Cookies a.k.a. Anginettes. (They go by a lot of names!) They’re very easy to make and SO GOOD. Every time I make these, they’re gobbled down so quickly.